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Every weekend a weekend away

Join Leavy, the community that lets you travel all the time

When you leave, we make sure to…

pay your rent

You get paid every month, whether your appartment is booked or not

insure your appartment

we take care of any damages during your absence

welcome your guests

we take care of the keys, the laundry, and your valuable possesions

for free

€ 0 :the total amount of our fee

When you are available, make money by

Welcoming your guests

Organising city tours for travelers

Doing DIY jobs

Performing some household tasks

2 M €

Savings on rent by your Happy Leavers


Happy Leavers who are away for at least 2 months

450 € 

the average income of our Smile Makers

20 000 

visitors that are welcomed by our Smile Makers

Any further questions?

What is a "Happy Leaver"?

A Happy Leaver is a tenant who leaves their appartment for at least 2 days. Leavy pays them their rent, whether they had a guest at their house or not!

What is a "Smile Maker"?

A Smile Maker is a citizen who loves to travel and to meet new people. Their mission: to welcome visitors and to share their travel experience. In return, Leavy helps them to save up for their next adventure.

Is subletting legal?

Subletting your apartment is perfectly legal if your landlord agrees and you do not receive more than the rent you pay.

What happens if you don't find guests?

Your rent is guaranteed, whether we managed to find a guest for your apartment or not smile

Our members can explain this better than we can…

Julie is a Smile Maker (Facebook)

“This summer, I came back from two weeks of traveling and I immediately wanted to leave again, but my student budget wouldn’t allow it! Thanks to Leavy I made some money and was able to go on another trip just a month later! Thank you, Leavy!!”

Sarah is a Happy Leaver (Facebook)

“I want to thank the entire team for their quick responses, their efficiency and perfect level of service. I got my apartment back clean and exactly in the state I left it. It’s impressive how everything worked smoothly, reliably and efficiently.”

Marianne: Smile Maker turned Happy Leaver (Google Reviews)

Very good experience, the team is very responsive and always there. The steps are quick and straightforward and the apartment was given back to us in a very clean state. Nothing to complain about, it’s an excellent concept!

Marianne: Smile Maker turned Happy Leaver (Google Reviews)

Friends told me about Leavy, which allowed them to pay for their own trips by welcoming travelers (a.k.a. the famous “Happy Visitors”)! It immediately appealed to me as I love meeting new people! So, I joined the community and was able to go on holidays for a month with the extra money I made! Leavy even took care of paying my rent during my absence!

34 Avenue Daumesnil

Monday to Saturday from 9am to 11pm

Phone number : 01 82 83 60 09

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